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185 North Main Street, New London, Ohio

Broome-Wood Post 292

Rental Agreement

Broome-Wood Post 292, AMERICAN LEGION, NEW LONDON, OHIO, LESSOR, hereby leases said American Legion Hall to lessee for the term of ______________________, on the _____ day of _________ 20___,  for a rental fee of ___________________, payable in advance, plus a cleaning deposit of $50.00

Lessee shall have use of the kitchen area including the stove, sink, electric coffee pots, and electric roasters. All other kitchen equipment shall not be used.

Lessee shall have use of the Ladies and Mens Restrooms, Main Hall, tables and chairs and parking lot.

Lessee SHALL NOT HAVE USE OF THE CLUB ROOM, which is restricted for use by American Legion members and their guest.

Lessee agress NOT to serve or drink any alcoholic beverages on the premises unless said beverages are purchased from the American Legion and served by a bartender/maid authorized by the American Legion.

Lessee agrees NOT to commit or suffer waste; not to use said premises for any unlawful purpose; not to assign this lease, or sublet said premises; and at the end of this lease to surrender said premises in as good a condition as they were prior to signing lease.

Lessee agrees to and understands that all waste must be placed in dumpster, new bags placed in the containers, floor to be swept and mopped, counter top and all dishes washed and dried, tables to be cleaned and the chairs placed back on top of tables. All equipment (if used) shall be cleaned and serviced. Hall will be inspected and if it does not meet inspection standards, the $50.00 deposit will not be returned. Upon successful inspection, the deposit will be mailed back to Lessee with 7 business days.

Lessee further agrees to be solely responsible for any damage or loss occurring and caused by the Lessee and any of their guest or invitees. Lessee agrees to reimburse the American Legion in full for any such loss.

IT IS FURTHER AGREED, that Lessee assumes entire responsibility and total liability for any injury or property damage of any kind or nature to all persons or organizations on the premises during the term of this lease. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor from and against any and all loss, expense, damage or injury that Lessor may incur as a result of any claim for injury or loss against Lessor.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said parties have herto set their hands at New London, Ohio this ________ day of _____________________ 20__________.

                                                                         BROOME-WOOD POST 292









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