Broome-Wood Post 292

New London Veterans Memorial 





Broome-Wood Post 292 New London American Legion voted and approved to open a Veterans Memorial Fund for the purposes of building a new memorial to honor any and all Vetrans  that paid the ultimate sacrafice while fighting in any of the Wars and also any first responders, Police, Fire & Rescue and EMS who lost their life while on duty will be honored. This memorial will include veterans from New London and the townships of New London, Clarksfield, Fitchville, Rochester and Ruggles. 

With a fund raiser event and the sales of paver bricks the Memorial committee  hoped to raise at least $15000.00, which would  allow us to build a lasting monument around the existing Cival War Statue just south of the library  that would forevermore stand tall so that we may never forget the men and women whom laid down their lives defending our great nation!

After raising the needed monies for the project it was started and with the many gracious donations of materials, equipment and many hours of labor from community members that took valuable time from their own jobs and the time put in by the architect that made up the design and was the project advisor. At first it did not look like much but after it was completed it is a beauty to behold and a beautifull place to honor the fallen. Hats off, BIG salute and THANK YOU ALL for your support and hard work in this project

The sale of Memorial Paver Bricks, either 4 x8 or 8 x8 which will be placed in the walkway around the main Cival War Statue and can be inscribed with memories of loved ones. The order form is on the next page of this section, please print it out and send it to the address on the form.

Pavers may be purchased by anyone (veterans/civilians) who would like to help fund this project and not limited to just New London

Pavers are available as follows:

Red Clay Paver       4 x 8 - 3 lines@ 20 characters per line $40.00

                            8 x 8 - 6 lines @ 20 characters per line $75.00

Special Paver          8 x 8  -  6 lines@ 20 characters per line minimum donation of $200.00